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Welcome to – the place where you can get your lucky jersey to wear when you watch your team play.

My Lucky JerseyThis site is built for sports fans. Not just any sports fans though. Real, dedicated sports fans. Not those fly by night types that support whichever team happens to be doing well this season. For the sort of fan that will still support their team even if they have come dead motherless last two seasons in a row! For the sort of fan that will make the time to watch their team on TV each week no matter what is going on. For the sort of fan that will head along to the ground to watch their team play even if it is 113 in the shade! Or 36 in the sun. This site is built for the fan that will wear their teams jersey proudly no matter what, no matter the circumstances. If the team is playing, the jersey is to be worn.

Why? What is it about the jersey that means so much? Why is it so important? It is a symbol of greatness. It is a symbol of brotherhood (and sisterhood for our wonderful female fans). It is a symbol of the men that go out each week and put their blood, sweat and tears into a game, putting their bodies on the line in the most legalized form of mass combat that exists. When we wear that jersey we say “I am one of them”. “If I am not on the field in body, I am there in mind and spirit”. My will will join with the thousands of others that wear this jersey in an effort to guide our team to victory. The jersey allows us to connect with the ‘Game Day’ experience like nothing else. It is a statement of who we are. We are fans.

sports jerseysAnd this symbol that we wear, that we invest so much emotion through must, by the sheer force of intention and attraction, come to imbue a type of power. Some call it destiny. Some call it fan power. But deep inside, whatever it is that creates it, we know that it can influence our team just a fraction. But that fraction can be the difference between catching a ball and the ball bouncing off the fingers. Between making a shot or kick and the ball/puck bouncing off the goal rim. The commentators will cry out “Wow, that was lucky” or “Man, that was unfortunate”. And in that moment we know the power of our jersey, our lucky jersey. We know the collective power of our brothers and sisters wearing their jerseys. So I implore you, use this site to find a link to your lucky jersey. Support your team, the player that you most admire. Get your lucky jersey and become part of the great game that you love.

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